Getting new clients and customers is the lifeblood of every coaching or consulting business.  Sure, you’ve got to keep the customers you have coming back for more, but no one is going to stick around forever.

Without new customers coming in, you’re eventually going to run the well dry.

In the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas… and the start of 2012 around the corner… I give you:


  1. Start a Facebook Fan Page ~ I can’t tell you how many people I meet who don’t have a fan page set up yet.  If you’re one of them, go now and do it.  Get 25 friends to like your page and then reserve your branded Facebook URL.
  2. Be Prolific ~ give of yourself freely in 2012 and your fans, followers and clients will reward you.  Blog more, Facebook more, Tweet more.
  3. Add Videos To Your Website & Marketing ~ Videos make your website sticky.  They allow your visitors to get to know who you are.  You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to be yourself.
  4. Try “Social Coaching” ~ Once you’ve built a bit of a following, try offering 10 minutes of free coaching on Facebook.  Make a post, invite people to “like” it (this virally spreads to their walls) and then ask a question on a certain topic.
  5. Revise Your Free Opt-In Offer On Your Website ~ Is your current offer stale and boring?  Is it under-producing?  Are you getting a significant amount of your visitors opting in?  Do you have an opt-in on every page of your site?  Offer a gift that solves ONE immediate problem.
  6. Tell Your Story ~ Instead of having an “about me” page that lists your credentials and your education, try telling the story of why you do what you do.  Be human.  Humans like other humans, not automatons.
  7. Offer a REALLY Valuable Free Session ~ Offer a 30 – 60 minute introductory, strategy or discovery session and make sure the people who come get a TON of real value.  Remember that your job is to provide value AND sell, so learn how to ask for the sale on these calls.
  8. Make This The Year You Do a JV Promotion ~ If you haven’t already, you need to start getting JVs (joint venture partners) to promote your products and services for a commission.  Start small, with people who have similar lists as you, develop your selling system, then move up to the bigger players.
  9. Create and Sell an Information Product ~ Every coach and consultant can take what they do and “chunk it down” into a set of steps that people can learn and go through for themselves.  Not everyone can afford a coach, but still need quality information – so be the one to give it to them.
  10. Become an Expert Speaker ~ Call the local meetups, conferences, book stores and other places that would be interested in having you come talk to their group.  Talk for free to build your skills.  Record every session, if you can.  Then offer your book, coaching, consulting or information product for sale.
  11. Write a Book ~ Having a book as a calling card raises your credibility immensely.  You literally become “the person who wrote the book on _____.”  Get your first draft done in 30 days or less by outlining the contents (use a “for dummies” to get ideas of what to include), then record yourself talking about each section.  Then use to find someone to transcribe it.  Do some formatting and VOILA! you’ve got a first draft done in no time.
  12. Attend More Seminars That Serve Your Audience ~ Find the seminars that the big experts in your niche are hosting and go.  Make a point to meet as many people as possible, but don’t try and sell them.  Try and get to know them.  Ask others what they need.  If it’s a fit, book a free session for after the event.  Or follow up with potential JV partners.  Share your expertise in order to be seen as an expert.

Whew! That’s a lot of marketing!

You don’t need to do all of these things.  You’re probably doing some already, so pick one or two and add them to your marketing mix.


Remember, it’s your job to find and persuade the people who need your help that you can do just that – help them.

All things being equal, people tend to stay stuck right where they are so you need to help them take the first step.  That’s what marketing is all about.

Happy Marketing in 2012!


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    • BMBG

      Boy, I wish I’d come across you $25k ago and 10 yrs ago. Your ideas make real sense. They appeal to the simple, honest in me. Go going!

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