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Effective copywriting is a critical factor in the success of your marketing efforts.

The copy (or words) you write will either attract or repel your desired audience.  They will either impel them to read more… or cause them to click (or flip, or turn or whatever) away from your advertisement.

There are 3 common mistakes I see life coaches, holistic practitioners and other people with a purpose make that are killing their conversions and keeping them from having all the clients or customers they can handle.

Here they are:

Mistake #3 – Using Only “Solution-Oriented” Headlines

A solution-oriented headline is one that paints a positive picture of the future for the reader rather than a negative picture of their current situation.

A solution-oriented headline might look like this:

7 Keys to Living a Long, Healthy Life Well Into Your 120s!

3 Simple Steps to Building Financial Abundance!

Attract Your Ideal Mate!

As positive people, many coaches and holistic practitioners want to “hold the vision” for their clients and so they insist on using more positive-minded headlines to try and capture their attention.

I wholly appreciate the intention behind this decision, but in most cases solution-oriented headlines don’t work as well as pain-oriented ones.

Why do pain-oriented headlines work better?

Mostly because your prospect is in pain.  They can relate more directly to your message when you acknowledge that pain and offer to show them what they’re doing wrong.

In the case of this article, my title was pain-oriented.  3 Common Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Conversions.

If you’re not the conversions you want, this title speaks more directly to your current state of mind.

You can start to improve your conversion rates simply by replacing your solution-oriented headlines with their pain-oriented counterparts.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and it’s possible that a solution-oriented headline WILL work better for you.  Which leads us to…

Mistake #2 – Not Split Testing Your Marketing

Split testing is the practice of pitting two competing elements of your marketing copy against each other to see which one comes out on top.

At the end of the day, if your goal is to help as many people as you possibly can with your coaching or healing service, then your marketing needs to deliver the highest possible result… even if the headline you use doesn’t resonate perfectly with you.

Always remember this: You are NOT your prospective client!

So even if the idea of using pain-oriented headlines doesn’t appeal to you, if you’re truly committed to helping more people, you owe it to them to TEST, TEST, TEST and find out what works better to draw your audience in.

Here’s the reality.

Even the best marketing consultants and copywriters know that their is always room for improvement.  They also know that the first iteration of a headline or call-to-action or credibility statement is very rarely the best version out there.

So they test.  They split the traffic between two versions of a page, each with the same call-to-action, and they measure which one produces the better result.

That version then becomes the “control” against which future tests are measured.

The easiest way to begin testing your website is using Google’s built-in “Experiments” tool in their free Google Analytics product.  Just determine the element you want to test, create two different versions of the page and then follow the instructions in the Experiments section to begin testing.

Pretty soon you’ll have real information that will help you determine which version to keep.

Mistake #1 – Doing it All Themselves

The biggest mistake by far that coaches, holistic practitioners and other people with a purpose make is trying to write all of their marketing materials by themself.

What usually ends up happening is that the copy is much less effective because they are so close to it.  Most people don’t want to “pump themselves up” and therefore write copy that is less compelling, less engaging and ultimately performs at a lower level than if they’d hired a professional copywriter to help them.

Not only is the copy less effective, but because they spent all their time writing, they took themselves away from doing what they are truly great at, which is delivering their much needed service to the people who are suffering from the problem they can solve!

It’s very tempting to try and write copy yourself.  After all, hiring a copywriter can be expensive.

But just like building a house, you are building an asset.  And you want to be able to rely on that asset for a long time.  You wouldn’t trust the foundation of your home to someone who wasn’t incredibly well trained in how to do it right and who had next to no experience.

And yet that’s what many people do with their copy.  They put it in the hands of someone who is less skilled, because it seems like a non-essential service.

But in truth, each person who visits your website is a potential client.  And when you write the copy yourself, without any training or experience, you’re literally leaving money on the table.

More importantly, you’re withholding your services from someone who needs you because you weren’t able to communicate with them effectively.

Whether it’s me or someone else, I strongly suggest you have someone review the marketing copy you’re currently using for your most important program, product or service.

Investigate what it will cost for you to have a professional help build you a solid foundation upon which you can build your business for years to come.



    2 replies to "3 Common Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Conversions"

    • Charlene Christiano

      Nice post outlining some common errors affecting conversions. I believe writing headlines, subject lines for emails and copywriting is a real art.
      Unless you have strong marketing and writing skills, you may be leaving money on the table. But, I also think providing good content and being authentic and not “pitchy” is another key factor.
      Glad to share this post with my peeps.

      • Paul Keetch

        You’re absolutely right Charlene! If your content sucks or if you jump straight into hardcore selling without offering any value, people will be turned off immediately. A good headline or other copy element won’t overcome bad content or a poor product for very long. Thanks for commenting!

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