Traffic is the cornerstone of any successful online business.  As a coach, it’s important that you have a steady, consistent and growing stream of traffic to your website.

This traffic will be the foundation for growing your business.

The more people who visit your website, the more people who opt-in to your newsletter or free gift offer.

The bigger your email list gets, the more of your own products you can sell and the more you can earn by promoting other people’s products to your list as an affiliate.

And the more people you can serve through your website, newsletter, emails and products, the more people will be inclined to accept your offer to explore coaching with you by requesting a free session.

Finally, with the right process in place, the more free coaching sessions you do, the more clients you’ll close and the more money you’ll make.


First, there’s paid traffic.

Paid traffic includes any Google Adwords, Facebook ads, targeted ezine ads and even offline classified ads that drive people directly to your website.

I’d even include free online classified ads like Craigslist because you’ve got to invest your time and energy to place the ads (or pay someone to do it for you).

Paid traffic is good because you can control the volume fairly easily, but every visitor has a price.

Second, there’s referred traffic.

Referred traffic includes any affiliate or joint venture traffic, mentions on a colleague’s blog or social media or even an offline conversation where one person tells another person to check you out.

Referred traffic has implied endorsement, which transfers some of the credibility from the person doing the referring on to you.  In many cases, the “click” is free, but if you’re paying a commission, you might pay up to 50% once a sale is made.

Third, there’s earned traffic.

Earned traffic comes from search engine optimization, being found online by your interested prospects and by driving traffic from your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook back to your website.

It also includes traffic you can send via your email list because you’ve earned the right to communicate with them.

Earned traffic has the highest amount of credibility, but also takes the longest to get in volume.

You should be applying a blend of all three types of traffic to get more visitors to your website.


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