Well, it’s December 1st and today is the first time in a month that I’ve seen my upper lip.

You’ve probably noticed a higher-than-normal percentage of moustachioed men walking around in November… or I should say MOvember.

Movember is a movement created to bring awareness to Men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer.  As a sign of solidarity, to raise awareness as well as funds for drug research, men all over North America set aside their razors for the month of November and grow moustaches.

All month, as I’d walk down the street, I’d pass my “Mo Bros” and know that I was part of a community – something bigger than myself.

I felt connected.


With the rise of social networks, it is no longer enough to push content at people.  You have to engage them as well.

And one of the best ways to engage your customers is by creating a sense of community around your brand.  Help them feel a part of something bigger than just themselves.

Community breeds familiarity.


  1. Use “signature language” – Starbucks is famous for having short, tall, grande and venti sized drinks.  McDonald’s has the Mc-Everything.  Think of ways you can (usefully) add signature language to your business.
  2. Create an “inner circle” – this intimate group gives your clients a different kind of access to you, protected from the general public in some way.  You might have an online forum, monthly private conference call or other premium content.
  3. Invite input & discussion – whether it’s on your blog, your Facebook page or some other forum, invite your customers & fellow tribe members to contribute to the community in some way.  What we contribute to, we feel a part of.

Don’t think that just creating these resources will automatically build a community around you.  You have to commit to engaging your audience consistently, diligently and patiently.

Build a community takes time, but it’s definitely worth it.


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    5 replies to "3 Ways to Build Community"

    • Linda Richichi

      Hi Paul,

      I have been receiving your info for some time and finally ordered your book. You have so much to offer and thank you. As an artist I found that I am spending so much time on the business end and less time actually creating that it makes sense for 2012 to do some things smarter. I love the idea about creating community. People do support that which they have a hand in creating. You are a gift. Thanks.

      Linda Richichi

      • Paul Keetch

        Thank you for the kind words Linda! I’ll get your copy of the book out right away. It’s definitely a balancing act between doing the business building activities and creating your art (or in my case, training content). I try and spend the first couple of hours each morning marketing, then move on to client work, product creation, etc.

        Thanks again!

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