"I think it's about time we get you geared up."

I open the backpack and start rooting around, digging all the way to the bottom.

"Here we go," I say, pulling out a pair of hiking boots.

As you slip out of your shoes, you notice the boots are well worn, but in good condition.

You're only mildly surprised when you lace them up and find they fit you perfectly.

"You'll need these, as well."

I hand you a pair of hiking poles.  Obviously well used, like the boots, but equally sturdy-looking.

"How did you fit those in your pack?" you ask.

I smirk: "Hermione lent it to me."

Digging in again, I pull out a small backpack next, which I hand to you.

You can tell it's full and start to unzip it, but I stop you:

"We don't have time for that right now... and you shouldn't need anything inside for the first stage of our descent.  Put it on."

You shrug, and sling it over your shoulders while I continue...

Next up is a coiled rope, which I drape over your shoulder. Followed by a hat, which I drop on your head with a flourish.

"Looks like you're just about ready to go. "

Just one more thing...

My entire arm disappears into the pack, up to my shoulder.

As I search you can't help but imagine what other wonders I have hidden away in there.

"Here it is!  I was beginning to think I'd lost it."

You sense the relief in my voice.

The item is hidden in my closed fist, but you notice a string slipping through my fingers... but what is it attached to?

As I reach across I hand it to you, I slowly open my fingers to reveal...

The final item is waiting for you in your inbox...