Before working with me, my clients make one (or more) of these deadly sins of email marketing.

1. Don't mail often enough: You need to mail your list AT LEAST once per week, or they'll forget about you.

2. Hard pitch in every email: If every email is pitch, people will get bored and unsubscribe. Or worse, stay on your list but stop paying attention.

3. Teaching "how to" for free: Giving "how to" information is the Gold Standard of guru marketing.... Except it doesn't work for everyday folk. People don't value what they get for free - you have to make them pay.

4. Using jargon: If the least sophisticated of your potential buyers doesn't understand a word, don't use it.

5. Not being entertaining: Let your personality shine, otherwise you end up sounding like everyone else.

6. Not standing for (or against) something specific: You MUST galvanize your audience to be "for or against" you. The easiest way is to know what you stand for (and against) and talk about it in your emails.

7. Don't mail often enough: This sin is so deadly it's on here twice. Mail every week, at least once.

I have a 4-week "get it done" email marketing package.

It's $1000.

Comment below if you want specifics.

Paul Keetch