An early adopter of my VICTORS of VALUE training who watched the full training within 12 hours of buying it (a hallmark of an "ideal client" for me — someone who USES the training they invest in) who prefers to remain anonymous sent me the following feedback:

I appreciated the example you shared of how you changed the call to action in your client's email (she was re-sharing an article). It portrayed the value you add. Specifically, hearing how she phrased the CTA vs how you re-wrote it.

And I have to admit... this isn't something I actually teach in that training (aside from giving that one example).

Finding a logical (or even humourous, depending on your relationship with your list) transition from a story or other "valuable" content is a key element to not only writing emails that keep people engaged...

...and that ALSO moves them further along the "buyer awareness spectrum" (a concept I talk about in the bonus training I include with VICTORS of VALUE)...

...and still makes a compelling case for one of your products, programs or services for those readers who ARE currently "ready to buy"... a skill that you can only hone by practicing it.

Ya gotta get yer reps in.
🏋️‍♂️ 🏋️‍♂️ 🏋️‍♂️

What I share in VICTORS of VALUE covers the first two parts.

How to spot the ideas that exist all around you, every single day, that will move your prospects closer to being ready-to-buy, and use them as education-based marketing content.

So if you've got those things handled, you won't need to visit:


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