I get so much pushback from well-meaning coaches, course creators, etc (freelance-y types like me) when I tell them to email their list more often.

"I don't want to be a nuisance."

"I don't want to intrude."

"I don't want to be seen as spammy."

Basically, they're afraid of what "might happen" if they mail more frequently.

Those same people then wonder why:

Their list isn't growing (in fact, whenever they DO email they get a higher-than-usual number of unsubscribes, because the people on the other end can't remember who the hell they are)

They get few, if any, sales when they promote an offer (because they only time they mail something is when they WANT something (ie: money) and the recipients know it)

Spam-complaints go up (again, because the person on the other end often doesn't remember who they are and genuinely thinks it's a spam email)

(ie: all the things they were worried about happen ANYWAY)

Here's what I tell them (even though most don't listen):

The more you mail the more the RIGHT people will stay and the WRONG people will unsubscribe and leave.

Usually WITHOUT registering a spam complaint, because even if they do dislike the volume of emails (or your particular tone/style of communication, whatever) they know they asked for it and most will simply unsubscribe.

But you can't just mail pitch after pitch after pitch every day.

You've got to mix things up. Offer value (not "how to" —that's what you get paid for) in the form of education, inspiration, warnings, stories, frameworks, etc.

That doesn't mean you can't make an offer in every email.

But "making an offer" and "pitching your product" are two very different ways of selling.

Sometimes, like when you're in the middle of a launch, etc, you're going to have more "direct pitches" than perhaps normal.

But in between you can still sell products, courses, one-off consults, strategy/discovery sessions, affiliate offers, recurring memberships, etc.

You can sell them on watching a video. Or replying back to the email.

I think you're getting the point, so I'll stop here.

Recently I wrote an article about 13 ways to give value in email without teaching "how to".

I'm thinking about making it into a "micro training" (30-40 minutes long) where I dive deeper into each of the 13 and give working examples of each.

I'll be $39 when it's ready, but you're on my email list, you can have it for $13.

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