One of the traditional approaches with digital advertising (think FB ads, in particular) is having what's known as a "retargeting" campaign.

In a retargeting campaign you track who has engaged with your primary "top of funnel" ads, or people who have visited your website, but didn't sign up to your email list or buy whatever offer you're selling.

So you retarget them with a different ad that builds on the messaging of the first ad they saw, but goes a bit deeper.

Well, there's a sneaky way you can actually do this on your personal Crackbook profile, so you can retarget people who engage with your business posts with deeper messaging.

I recorded a short, 5-minute "how to" video (which, if you've been around for more than a day, you know that "how to" is something I rarely give away for free) that walks you through the exact steps to set this up.

If you do any social media marketing on FB (using your personal profile, not a business page), you'll want to check this micro-training out.

Incidentally, if you do NOT do social media posts because you fear bothering your actual family and friends (who are not potential clients) then this strategy will work for you as well.

You'll learn how you can "filter out" the people you don't want to bother using the same steps as setting up a retargeting campaign.

See it here:

Paul Keetch

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