If I understood the premise of your core offer (or any of your offers, for that matter) I can guarantee — with 100% certainty — that if I followed you around for an entire day...

...saw the things you see...

...heard the things you hear...

...and felt the things you feel as a result of seeing and hearing those things...

...I could come up with AT LEAST one thing to write about in an email (or social media post).

Something "valuable" to the reader, that would also...

Powerfully Position Your Offer

...so they click the link at the bottom to learn more, and potentially buy or book a call or whatever your thing is.

Some people will, some people won't.

But everyone who reads it will start to experience a "mind shift" towards your way of thinking.

Or they'll vehemently disagree and unsubscribe... or reply with condescension which, if you want, you can actually use as content for your marketing.

All of which helps those who stay in your world get closer to being able to commit and say yes to getting your help.

Whether you do courses, coaching, done-with- or done-for-you services or consulting, it really doesn't matter.

If what you're selling is your help to do something, that help is rooted in a set of knowledge (expertise) and understanding (experience) of your chosen topic.

It's also rooted in your own particular vantage or perspective.

ie: you have certain biases about how things "should and should not be done" (emotion).

Your expertise, experience and emotion combine to make you different from everyone else that does something similar to you.

It's what sets you apart.

So don't hide those things. Make them part of who you are as a brand and people like you (or who aspire to be like you) will follow you as result.

Those who don't will leave. Wish them well and be done.

By the way, this is a learnable skill.

I believe anyone who wants to can learn to spot things in their everyday life (work, home, vacation, whatever) that make great fodder for marketing content.

And pivot them into an contextually-related offer/invitation to buy something from you.

Especially when what you're selling is you.

And you don't have to a "good writer" either. You just have to talk about the right things, in the right way.

You already know that typical "fill-in-the-blank" type marketing doesn't work for you — it's one of the big reasons you don't do the marketing you know you're supposed to do.

It feels too gross and... obvious.

So instead, I offer you:


Rantin' and ravin' my way on a mission to make marketing your expertise-driven freelance business fun, easy AND effective.

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