Got this reply to yesterday's post about "3 reasons to get people to reply to your emails":

"And the 4th reason is that when people have a role in planning your course, they’re way more likely to buy it."

Which is 100% on the money 🤑
(pun intended)

When people get to have their ideas included in something it absolutely makes them more likely to say yes and hand over their credit card info.

A fifth reason is that when someone replies to your emails, they are inviting a conversation (versus passively ingesting your point of view without being able to offer theirs).

Which means you can also do personal follow-up via email to ensure that they DO buy (or figure out why they're not buying) which is way more valuable than just "pitching your email list".

If it's a monologue, you're not learning anything.

If it's a dialogue, you have the opportunity to learn something (or extract value in other ways) provided you keep an open mind.

So there's that.

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