All due disrespect to me, that's a terrible name for a framework, let's be honest.

That said, the underlying premise — which I'll be covering in my upcoming training...

VALUE decidedly less than terrible, in my humble (but accurate) opinion.

I know this because I've been using it for myself and with clients for the past 15+ years to not only:

Quickly convert "ready to buy" prospects who already know what problems they want to solve​


Nurture "soon-to-be-ready" prospects who just need a little education and confidence-building to be ready to say yes​

It's been said that of all your lifetime buyers, only 15% or so are ready to buy right now (when they first meet you) or in the near future (within 90 days).

Meaning, they know they have a problem and they know they want to solve it. It's a priority for them. Something to handle sooner rather than later.

But the remaining 85% of buyers need a little more time.

Up to three years, in some cases, if my client data is anything to go by (and it is, because this trend is market-wide).

These folks may not view the problem as important enough to focus on "right now".

Or other things are "firehosing" them and taking their time and attention away from getting it handled.

Or they may not even know what the cause of their problem even is. They're completely aware of their painful experiences, but completely ignorant about what is causing it, or how to fix it.

The point is:

85% of Your Buyers
Need More Than
90 Days to Decide

🤯 🤯 🤯

Which is why it's key to stay in touch with them (ideally through email where you control the rules of engagement, you own the list, and no social media algorithm can thwart your marketing efforts) and help them move forward in that decision making process.

Not by giving them how to info that they'll almost certainly never use on their own...

...but rather by helping them:


I've taken my "13 ways to give value in marketing without teaching how to" listicle and turned it into a framework that literally anyone with half an ounce of self awareness can use to come up with marketing content ideas.

Content that can also — when done thoughtfully — potentially inspire the right kind of people to want to take the next step to work with you.

ie: click to a sales page, buy a product, book a call, register for a webinar or whatever else.

While simultaneously repelling freebie-seekers, serial-refunders, energy vampires and other "non perfect fit" people.

I won't say that Victors of Value is a template or any other kind of fill-in-the-blanks system. In fact, I'll say the opposite.

This is not about templates, as you can tell if you've read more than one of my emails.

It's a way of thinking that, once you learn it, you'll be able to use forever and ever, till death do us fart. I mean... part. Part.

If you need more "persuasion"...

I've decided I need to include a bit of a primer on my underlying philosophy of education-based marketing, so I'm actually going to record two trainings.

The primary training is the 13 ways to give value, broken down into a simple frame work of:


A set of themes that are based on you, your knowledge, and your experience.

A set based on them, and who they are, what they want and who they need to become to get it.

A set based on the environment in which you're having this conversation — the forces at work, both for and against them.

13 in total.

Plus the bonus training about how to think about education-based marketing in your business.

It's not "set it and forget it". 

Or "10x your life, bro!".

But if you use these ideas to connect with your audience and lead them towards making a decision to improve themselves in whatever way you're capable of helping them... could potentially build something that not only makes money, but also means something, to you and to the people you help.

​Get your copy here:

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