Marketing gets a bad rap.

Often for good reason.

Many "guru coaches" embellish, invent or even outright lie in order to get people to join their programs.

This is particularly true in the coaching/group coaching/online course space where...

....during online launches with hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people participating...

FOMO is a Predominant Strategy

I can tell you from past experience that FOMO does in fact work to generate more sales.

Selling "the dream" gets people excited about what is possible.

But (and this is a big but, I cannot lie)...

Buying Excitement and
Post-Purchase Commitment
Are NOT Directly Correlated


Just because someone gets excited (deluded) about what's possible, doesn't mean they are committed (or even capable) of doing what is necessary to turn possibility into reality.

And often they buy... but simply do not follow through.

Because the excitement and energy of the possibilities don't matter when the reality of effort comes into play.

So I say:

Instead of Getting People Excited,

Get Them Ready to do The Work Required

Help them understand what it's really going to take to get across the finish line.

To solve whatever problem you help people solve.

To be successful.

So they go in with their eyes wide open, undistracted by rose-coloured glasses.

And while this may not make quite as many sales up front as a pure FOMO based approach...

...more of your clients will be successful and therefore will be much more likely to hire you again.

And to refer you to their friends, colleagues, etc.

The other happy side effect:

Instead of delusions of grandeur your buyers' excitement will be rooted in reality.

Tempered by the understanding of what they need to do, in addition to the "glorious future" that potentially awaits them on the other side.

And they show up and do the work.

Go get 'em ready,

Paul Keetch