You've heard the phrase "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" right?

What it means is this:

Don't mistakenly get rid of good things, when trying to get rid of something unwanted.

Seems obvious, but this happens all the time in business.

Commonly in marketing campaigns.

Perhaps you try something and it doesn't work the way you'd hoped... so you "throw it out" and start all over again with a new approach.

If that new approach doesn't work as hoped, it gets thrown out and you start all over. Again.

But what if 80% of what you tried DID work... and only 20% needed to be "thrown out"?

This is where "knowing your numbers" comes in handy.

For example, years ago I did a 5-day challenge with my former business partner. This was near the beginning of our business and after weeks of planning and promoting, we ended up with only 3 sales at $1000 each.

I was disappointed, to say the least.

And I threw myself a pretty epic pity party for a day or two.

Then I went back and looked at the numbers.

We had 73 people participate in either the 5-day challenge, the follow up webinar, or both.

Of those, 3 bought... That's 4.1%, which is pretty darn good.

One of the bonuses of that offer was a 3-day live event where we offered our NEXT program.

Two of those three people paid an additional $3000. A 66% conversion, which is pretty darn good.

So even though the whole thing FELT like a failure (due to the sheer amount of effort we put in for not a lot of money) in fact, the actual campaign itself was a success.

The one thing we needed to focus on going forward?

Getting in front of more people.

Just imagine if we'd had 500 people engaged in the challenge. Or 1000.

It might have been easy to just "throw the whole thing out" and start again from scratch.

When all we really needed to do was focus on the ONE THING that was broken.

There are "break points" in every funnel or campaign stack.

So the trick is to look at each of those in isolation and work to fix individual problems.

For example:

Let's say you have a lead magnet, leading to a discovery call, connected by an email sequence.

There are a LOT of Break Points in this setup.

First, the landing page where you're sending people to opt-in for your freebie.

Then, each of the emails in the follow up campaign.

Then, the actual call-booking page where they set up their appointment.

Then, whether they actually show up for the call.

Then, your conversion rate on the call.

These are the "micro conversions" that contribute to the overall success of the campaign.

(There are more than just these, of course. But they're the big ones.)

So, if something isn't working the way you'd like, break it down into its component parts and look at each element separately from the whole.

Find the break points and fix them (if needed) one by one, until your campaign is getting the results you're looking for.

And that's how you save the baby. 👶

Fixing these kinds of break point problems is one of the things I do for my clients.

If you want help with your baby, let's chat.

Paul Keetch