It's a word that gets thrown around a lot in the coaching and course creation space.

Specifically in offer names and promises.

Time management mastery.

Master your money.

Master this. Master that.

For me it's all a load of 💩

No one can master anything in 12 weeks or less.

Simply not possible.

Mastery comes after years, often decades, of experience in a given field or area of study.

Failure after failure, learning as you go. Not just the obvious rules, but the more subtle nuances as well.

As the saying goes:

The Master Has Failed More Times
Than The Beginner Has Even Tried

When it comes to education-based marketing, I've been doing it for nearly 20 years now, and I still don't consider myself a "master".

I have a certain level expertise and proficiency, having gotten thousands of "reps" in over the years.

It comes pretty naturally to me now, even when I'm tired or helping someone in an industry I'm unfamiliar with.

The point of all this (actually, there are two):

First, don't promise mastery of anything in your entry level products. It actually damages your reputation and almost ensures that those buyers will never buy from you again.


Because you promised them mastery and they didn't achieve it, so why would they believe your next promise?

Second, if you want to master something for yourself, you've got to put the reps in.

Just like you did to develop whatever skill or talent you use with your clients, if you want to get better at education-based marketing (the kind that is useful and valuable even if the person doesn't end up buying right away, keeping them happily in your world until they are ready) then you've got to do the work.

Sit down to write (ideally using the concepts I teach in Email Hero) and then...

Just Click Send

You'll learn more by getting it wrong than you will trying to "get it perfect" first.

Paul "get your reps in" Keetch

Rantin' and ravin' my way on a mission to make marketing your expertise-driven freelance business fun, easy AND effective.

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