One of the things that stops most well-meaning coaches, consultants, course creators etc, is the belief that they have to make super bold, hype-filled claims...

...and write 💩-hot copy to convince every last person possible to buy their stuff.

Or they have to run "perfectly scripted" strategy sessions or discovery calls or whatever passes for bait-and-switch sales calls these days.

For the record, I used to do these calls, I used to teach these calls, and now I do neither — I prefer to have a frank and honest conversation between adults about whether or not I can help you solve your problems or achieve your objectives.

At any rate, another way of saying this is they think they have to:

Sell Like The "Gurus" Do

But here's something that no one else is likely to tell you about what "doing business like the gurus" is really like.

Guru businesses have:

  • Pretty significant refund rates, failure-to-pay rates and lost revenue due to high fees, ad costs, or commissions due
  • Huge teams that need to be paid, regardless of whether they are in an up-cycle (ie: launches, when there's lots of money coming in) or down-cycle (ie: in between launches when new revenue is at a standstill)
  • Never-ending ad testing to bring new people into the business
  • Huge pressure on every single promotion (because often the profitability for rest of the year — and sometimes the solvency of the business itself — rests on each launch
  • Managing the joint venture partners (often) for those promotions, including having a "leaderboard contest" with cash, trip, and other prizes in addition to the commissions paid for referring salesAnd frankly, so much more

All because they wanted to be "big"... and getting big means "maximizing conversions" to get as many people through the funnel as possible.

Which naturally leads to:

Super Bold, Hype-Filled Promises

(Often With a "Super Awesome Guarantee"
Which is Usually Next to Impossible to Claim)

With a HUGE Focus on FOMO

Now, lest words get put in my mouth, let me be clear on a couple of points.

Everything I said above isn't true of every big guru-business. I'm generalizing based on what I know to be true of the businesses I've been involved in.

Which leads me to...

I'm not meaning to imply negative intent on any of them. In my experience, they really do want to help people, and resort to these tactics to convince as many people as possible to get their help.

And to cover the costs of all those other headaches that come with a bigger business of the guru-kind.

Fortunately, for those of us who prefer not to shoot for a ten million plus business that makes next to no profit after everyone gets paid and is always on the verge of collapse, we can...

Opt to take the

long view instead

The long view doesn't negate the short-term, but instead uses simple offer messaging to convert those people who are "ready to buy" without neglecting the people who need a bit more time and information to say yes.

For that, we use education-based marketing via email (duh) to stay in constant contact with those "not yet ready" prospects and help them move closer to becoming ready at some point in the future.

Data shows that up to 85% of everyone who is going to buy from you will do so at least 30 days after they first hear of you. For many, it's 90 days or more.

So make a clear offer to the 15% who are ready, and have a plan for the 85% who just need a bit more time.

If that's the kind of business you want — one that has you working only with "ready" clients, never having to convince anyone of anything — here are a couple of options to get you started:

Email Hero is my marketing ebook for coaches and consultants, which outlines exactly how I think about long-term email marketing, list building and value-giving.

VICTORS of VALUE​ is my $39 down n dirty 80-minute training on 13 ways to give value in your marketing, without teaching "how to"

If you're even tempted to click either link, you know first-hand that this method works.

Rantin' and ravin' my way on a mission to make marketing your expertise-driven freelance business fun, easy AND effective.

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