There are two objections I hear time and time again when I tell clients (and would-be clients) that they should be emailing their list a minimum of three times per week.

The first:

"I don't know what
to write about!"

To which I reply (usually silently, being the irreverent-yet-polite Canadian that I am):

"Well, you must not be an expert in your field, then."

I mean, seriously.

You've studied and trained. (You HAVE studied and trained, right?)

You work with clients most days. (Seeing their struggles and their victories. Hearing their questions.)

You're steeped in the problems of your audience. (Both short-term struggles and the long-term consequences if they do nothing.)

You see people spouting bullshit about your chosen topic, and you know damn well they have no freaking clue what they're talking about. (And that, often, they're dangerously misleading people — "one funnel away" anyone?)

Given all that, if you can't come up with three measly ideas to write about each week either you're not actually an expert... or you're not paying attention... or you're too freaking scared of rejection to put yourself out there.

If you're not actually an expert in your field, quit pretending you are and get to work becoming one before you start marketing yourself as such.

If yours is the latter problem, I can't help you — "mindset" isn't my jam. The best I can do is tell you to get over yourself if you're serious about helping people and earning a living from doing so.

But if it's just a matter of paying more attention, well that you can start doing right away.

I digress.

The second objection I hear is:

"I'm not a good writer! 😭"

To which I reply (usually loudly and obnoxiously, despite my Canadian upbringing):


The truth is, you don't need to be a "good writer" to help people (and make money) from sending emails.

In many ways, being a good writer hurts more than it helps.

I should know, being a "good writer" myself. (I've written two business books, a novel, a handful of short stories, and more emails and sales letters than I can possibly count.)

And yet... I don't give two shits in a windstorm about proper grammar, punctuation or catching every damn spelling mistake.

(Much to my mom's and Anjuli's chagrin, sometimes.)

I mix and match ellipses (...) em-dashes (—) and other forms of punctuation that drive most "writers" crazy. But which make my writing...

Feel like ME
🧗‍♂️ 🏕️ ⛷️

I write much like I talk, and so should you.

And if you're "not a good writer" it makes it oh-so-easy to just get the words out without caring about anything else.

We're not trying to be Hemingway here... we're trying to impart knowledge and wisdom to the reader.

The REAL trick is in knowing how to pivot your content into an offer for one of your products or services.

That's not a "writing" problem though... it's more about seeing how different things are connected and using a "theme" to drive the point home.

You can start to learn how to do this by paying attention to good examples, obviously, but...

Practice is the only thing that will make you better.

So best get to it.

Rantin' and ravin' my way on a mission to make marketing your expertise-driven freelance business fun, easy AND effective.

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