"How to End the Chaotic Conflict and Finally
Get Through to a Loved One 
Without Pleading, Screaming or Shutting Down..."

...Because You Deserve to Be Heard and Understood

Here's What We'll Cover In This 60 Min Workshop:

Why nothing you’ve tried has worked quite the way you hoped it would - despite your best efforts and good intentions
Why stepping in to “save”, “fix” or “change” someone else actually makes things worse … and a simple, effective approach you can use instead when tensions are high.
How shifting what you say and how you say it … your words, your tone, your body language ... “cuts through” their defences and gets to the heart of the matter - so they can understand what you’re trying to say … whether they agree with you or not
Plus - a counterintuitive approach that puts you in the driver’s seat  so you’re in control the entire time and can get what you need out of the relationship — without yelling, begging, pleading or ignoring.
Includes a LIVE Q&A after the workshop is over!  Get your communications questions answered!

No Matter What’s Happened In The Past,
You Can Take Back Control of Your Life!