Coach Survey Results (2017)

Late in 2017 I conducted a survey of Coaches and other Professionals in the “helping others” industry.

With the landscape of Online Business changing dramatically, the goal was to better understand where these “helpers” are now… where they desire to go with their business… and what they perceive are the things they need in order to get there, as well as their own perceived obstacles to achieving their goals.

This, of course, is incredibly subjective, but the compiled results are below.  (Click any image to enlarge it.)

* If you haven’t taken the survey, and would like to, you can do that by clicking here (opens in new window).


1. By What Name do you PRIMARILY Call Yourself, Professionally?

The biggest surprise here was the "Something Else" category.  In retrospect, I wish the tool I used included a text box for respondents to share their own responses, since nearly 1/4 did not relate to any of the available options.


2. What Was Your APPROXIMATE Revenue in the Past 12 Months?

Another big shock for me was the current revenue respondents are at.  Fully 85% are earning $60,000 or less and 70% are earning less than $30,000!

Of course, this is not necessarily a "general" indicator of where most Coaches and other Helpers are at.  But of those I was able to reach, and who chose to respond, most are struggling to have their businesses be financially viable.


3. What Is Your Revenue GOAL for the Next 12 Months?

After reviewing the results, I noticed an error on my part in the phrasing of the answers to this question.  In reality, the first and second answers are pretty much the same.  So the baseline GOAL for 2018 is $5,000 per month or higher, for the majority of coaches.


4. What is the #1 Thing You Believe Will Help You Reach That Goal?

I suspected that few respondents would desire to learn more about Offline Marketing, but I was surprised that NO ONE chose this answer, particularly given that ~15% identified as either Speaker or Workshop Leader, which are Offline Modalities.


4.1 What ONLINE MARKETING Skill Do You MOST Want to Improve or Learn?

Social Media Marketing (both organic and paid) won the day, when it comes to Online Marketing skills respondents MOST wanted to improve or learn.  (Only respondents who chose "online marketing" in question 4 saw this follow up.)

Surprisingly, no one chose "webinars" as a skill they want to learn.  Perhaps because they view this more as a "sales" process than a "marketing" process.


4.2 When it Comes to CREATING ONLINE COURSES What Do You MOST Want to Learn?

Not surprisingly, learning to use Technology to automate their online programs was the clear winner here, followed by learning to create a curriculum or system based on the information they are already teaching.  (Only respondents who chose "create online courses" in question 4 saw this follow up.)


4.3 What SELLING Strategy Do You MOST Think Will Help You?

Overcoming their own fears and doubts was the primary response to this question.  Since many coaches/healers/etc are relatively self aware, the fact that they know that this is stopping them from being more successful with selling is not surprising.  (Only respondents who chose "selling/closing" in question 4 saw this follow up.)


5. What Do You Think Is Your Biggest OBSTACLE to Reaching Your Goals?

Again, Self Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs were the most common perceived obstacle, with nearly 1/3 of respondents opting for that option, although the balance between available choices is significant.  Being too busy, not knowing where to start, not having enough money (no surprise, given the answers to #1) and challenges with technology were all common perceived obstacles.


Do You Make It a Priority to Invest in Coaching or Mentoring to Help You Achieve Your Goals?

It seems the majority of respondents are willing and feel able to invest in outside help, if they believe it will help them reach their goals.  Interestingly ~5% said that they do NOT invest in outside help or guidance.


How COMMITTED Are You to Creating More FUN, IMPACT and MONETARY Success This Year?

Not surprisingly, 100% of respondents are either TOTALLY committed or VERY committed to reaching their goals this year, with no one choosing the "somewhat" committed option.  (I didn't include a "NOT at all Committed" option, as it was my biased assumption that no one would select that option, if it were available.)


  • The Majority of respondents (70%) are earning less than $30,000 per year
  • The primary MARKETING skill respondents want to learn is Social Media (paid & organic)
  • The primary SELLING skill respondents want to learn is Overcoming Fear
  • The primary ONLINE COURSE skill respondents desire is Help with Technology
  • MINDSET is the most common Perceived Obstacle to achieving their goals
  • ~95% of respondents make a point to invest in outside help to grow their business

I'd love to know your thoughts on these results, any insights you have, or any questions that came to mind.  Please comment below!

    2 replies to "Coach Survey Results (2017)"

    • Jeff

      Hey Paul,
      Nice survey. I have a better sense now of how my putting out a survey could help. Reading the results of the income answers further affirms that my practice is really doing well, which I am grateful for. Limiting beliefs is a big interference. I can relate.
      Best Jeff

    • Joan Washburn

      I too am surprised at the lack of off-line marketing as my business comes from speaking engagements and referrals. Recently attended a marketing talk at a meeting of the National Assoc of Women Business Owners that supported this. Only thing I can think of is people were swayed by your expertise in on-line marketing.

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