Everybody tells you to “pick a niche” or “identify your ideal customer.”  Of course, they do.  It’s important, critical even, that you know who you serve.

If you don’t, your marketing messages will always be vague and inconsistent.  No one will be able to relate to what you’re saying, because they don’t feel like you’re talking to THEM.

When I work with with coaches, the second thing we talk about is who they serve.  (See if you can guess what the first is in the comments.)


First, you need to describe them in terms of their characteristics (a.k.a. demographics).  These include things like their age, where they live, their marital or family status, their income, etc.

Characteristics are the things YOU can say about them.

Second, you’ll describe them in terms of their thoughts & opinions (a.k.a. psychographics). These include their biases, personal decisions, preconceived ideas, etc, including their religious/spiritual beliefs, their political bent, whether they believe in global warming or veganism.

Thoughts & opinions are the things THEY say about themselves.

Finally, you’ll describe the fears, frustrations & unfulfilled desires they have as they relate to the service or product you’re selling.

These are the things that keep your clients up at night and to really understand this, you need to try and “walk a mile in their shoes.”

Ideally, you have personal experience with the problems your clients currently experience and are one or more steps beyond them in solving it.

If you’re a finance coach, you know how it feels to lay awake at night, worried about the bills and how you’re going to get yourself out from under a mountain of credit card debt, without making the kids have to give up soccer this summer. 

If you’re a relationship coach, you know how it feels to lay awake at night, your partner already asleep beside you (probably snoring loudly) while you turn over the last fight or argument in your head, stewing over the fact that he or she always uses *that* tone, even when they know their wrong.

If you’re a business coach helping other coaches & consultants, you know how it feels to lay awake at night, wondering how you’re going to get enough clients to pay the bills this month, wishing that you could get enough regular business that you didn’t have to worry so much and could actually enjoy what you do instead of wondering if you should just give up and go get a job.


Whenever you sit down to write a blog post, a marketing email, a new article or record a podcast… whenever you set about creating ANY kind of marketing content, picture this person.

Visualize them struggling and wanting so bad to be out of pain.  Feel their frustration and anguish as they turn their problems over and over, not sure what to do about them.

Empathize with them and then connect to that part of yourself that knows how to help them.

Write, speak & create from THAT place.  When you do, they’ll really start to pay attention.


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