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Here's how every coach, consultant and online course creator can finally learn...

How to Build and Nurture a Loyal and Profitable Email List... Absolutely FREE!

Fellow Coach, Consultant or Online Course Creator...

If you're ready to finally make the most out of building, growing and (yes) profiting from your email list, you're definitely going to want a digital copy of my new book, Email Hero.

In it I share my best ideas and strategies I've learned and refined over the past 21 years — since I first started writing copy for The Learning Annex of Canada in 2002 — for how to build and nurture an active, engaged list of subscribers and buyers who love to read your emails, and who love to buy your products, programs and services.

So instead of having to rely on Zuck or Musk for your audience, never knowing when they might change the algorithm for their own reasons (or in Musk's case, for just about any reason at all)... have an asset in your business that you can rely on, no matter what's going on "out there".

The Best Time to Start
Building Your Own Email List
Right From Day One

Starting your list building strategy from the get-go is the best time to do it.

Because it's an ASSET you control.  If your email service provider goes out of business, or something else happens, you can export your list and import it somewhere else.

You can't do that with a social media following, no matter how big it is.

You absolutely can (and probably should) have some thoughtful presence on social media, but your primary goal shouldn't be primarily to have a lot of followers... should be to get those followers to opt in to your email list.

So it makes sense to start right away 

But if you haven't started yet, or your list isn't growing or profitable for whatever reason...

The Second Best Time
To Start is Today!

So let's make you an Email Hero to YOUR subscribers.

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I start sending you emails (and you read them) PENDING
You can expect between 3-5 emails from me per week. Yes, that many. I think you'll enjoy them. If not, just unsubscribe. Or don't confirm. Your call.

You reply (to the ones that move you, one way or another)
I am not about "push" marketing or having a monologue. So let's connect and converse. If you read something you think is good ... or bad ... hit reply and let me know.

I offer to help you solve specific problems
Along the way, I'm going to offer to help you solve some of the problems that may be driving you crazy.  You get to say yes or no.


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