Much of the work I do with my clients involves recording audio and/or video teaching segments, either for online programs, or for marketing content that will be distributed online.

And with the ease of video recording using your phone, or webcam on your computer, creating this content has never been easier!

The one big hurdle many of my clients come up against is remembering everything they want to say in the video, without stumbling or having to have a script in front of them.


This free online teleprompter tool allows you paste your script in, configure the font size and scroll speed and then hit “play” to start the script scrolling on your screen.

When you record using your computer webcam, you can easily keep your eyes at the top of the screen, right near the camera.

Or, if you’re recording video using your phone, you can set the phone directly in front of your screen, so that you’re looking right at it as you’re reading the words.

And if it’s simply an audio recording, you can just follow along, without having to scroll through a document on your computer, or have to shuffle papers around, while you record.

If you do any recording, either video or audio, could be just the tool you need.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Until Next Time… Go Make a Difference!

    2 replies to "Free Online Teleprompter"

    • Ellen Wanamaker

      This tool will definitely help those of us who are somewhat camera shy. Love it! Thanks Paul!!!

    • Dana Corey

      Thanks so much for this info, Paul. It will certainly come in handy!


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