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Buckle up, here's what's coming...

Consensual emailing

Immediately on signing up, you'll receive an email with a confirmation link.  You have to click that link if you want to get emails from me.  No click, no email.

I start sending you emails (and you read them)

You can expect between 1-5 emails from me per week.  Yes, that many.  Sometimes.  But at least once per week, I promise.

You reply (to the ones that move you, one way or another)

I am not about "push" marketing or having a monologue.  So let's connect and converse.  If you read something you think is good ... or bad ... hit reply and let me know.

I offer to help you solve specific problems

Along the way, I'm going to offer to help you solve some of the problems that may be driving you crazy.  Things like email marketing, offer design, and how to use education based marketing to meaningfully inspire more people to ask for your help.