Content.  It’s one of the key factors in determining your online marketing success.

Have bad content, no one will come back to your site.  Have good content, you’ll do okay.  Have great content and people will come back time and time again (and be more likely to buy your products or services).

Unfortunately, most business owners aren’t used to creating all sorts of fresh new content for their blog to stay high in the SERPs (search engine results pages) and get consistent traffic.

They know they “should” blog more often… but whenever they sit down to write, they stare at a blank screen.


Here’s how to create a list of topics you can write about any time you need to create new content.

  1. Write down all of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that your customers & prospects ask about your product or service.
  2. Next, write a down all of the questions they SHOULD ask, but don’t.
  3. Finally, use this list to create sub-groups or “extended” questions that you can ask & answer in your content.

Let’s say you teach meditation.  Your customers are people new to meditating, so they commonly ask, “What is meditation?” and, “When should I meditate?” and, “How often should I meditate?”, and “Does meditation conflict with my religion?” 

What they maybe don’t ask, but should are questions like: “Should my kids mediate?” and “What’s the best way to introduce my spouse to meditation?”

Now you can extend these unasked questions by going deeper:

How to Introduce Your Children to Meditation.

3 Meditation Techniques for Kids

When Should You Introduce your Children to Meditation?

Meditation & Marriage: 3 Questions to Ask Before Inviting Your Spouse to Meditate with You

What to do When Your Spouse Won’t Meditate

3 Mistakes Women Make Trying to Get their Men to Meditate

The key is to create a list of topics that you can write about so you’re not struggling in front of a blank screen.


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