Every coach, author or solo-entrepreneur wants to get more leads (and eventually, more customers) through their website.  One way to do this is to have a highly-targeted free offer (also known as an ethical bribe) that compels your site visitors to enter their name & email address.

By submitting their information, your site visitors are effectively raising their hand and saying “I’m interested in what you’re selling.”

Their “lead quality” score goes up because they’ve self identified as having a problem and being willing to actively search out a solution to that problem.  The one big factor they haven’t yet confirmed is their ability (or willingness) to pay for your solution.


Like many people, when I started out I offered a lower-value, more general opt-in bonus… and my subscription rates suffered as a result.  But when I updated my offer and made it clear WHO it was for and WHAT kind of information it offered, my subscription rates skyrocketed immediately.

How to Make a Strong Opt-In Offer

Typically your free offer should be directly related to the problem or that your customers or clients experience. And it should offer a high perceived value.

In addition, you should “sell” the free offer using a clear, compelling call-to-action that is available on every page of your website… and which is highlighted in particular on your main landing page.

You want visitors to be immediately presented with a compelling offer and then you want to re-state the offer in case they decide to browse around.

A good example of this kind of high-value, highly targeted offer that has a strong opt-in rate (nearly 10%) is the one you’ll find on the sidebar of this page or on my homepage.  It’s a free video training series called “Double Your Coaching Income” and in it I share an unusual math formula that will allow coaches to double their profits, without doubling their workload.

When someone signs up for this training series, I immediately know a few things:

  1. They are a coach (after all, the training series is called Double Your COACHING Income!)
  2. They want to increase their income (they probably already have some coaching revenue coming in and they want to increase it)
  3. They are interested in VIDEO (this will influence how I interact with them and what offers I present in the future)

After the video series is complete, those people who register for this training will have an INTIMATE experience of working with me (the videos are like having a conversation with me), they’ll know whether or not they like my style and they’ll know something about their business that they probably didn’t know before.

Of course, I still don’t know if they are willing or able to invest in the products and services I offer, but that’s a conversation for another day.

The important thing is that I know a lot more about the people who sign up for my training series because it was made specifically for coaches… and they know a lot more about me, providing they’ve actually completed the 6-part video series.

And, as a bonus for those who actually do complete the video training, I have a special surprise in store at the end.

So, make a strong, clear offer with a high perceived value to a specific audience and watch your lead capture rate increase.

Paul Keetch

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