I recently participated in Callan Rush’s “Magnetize Your Audience” launch, and placed in the top 20, ahead of several “big players” in our industry.

And this, with small list of only about 1000 people.

Many people think you need to have a large list in order to be able to play with the “big players” of their industry, but my results prove that simply isn’t true.

Or at least, it doesn’t need to be.

If you’re building a list of email subscribers (you ARE building a list, right?) I thought you might benefit from my approach.

Before I do that, however, I want to answer one question first, that I get asked a lot:

Why would I promote other people’s programs in the first place?

My answer is simple:


Here’s what I believe.  The people who sign up for my Special Report and/or webinar do so because they have a GAP in their business somewhere, and they’re motivated to fill it.

If they choose not to work with me, for whatever reason, I know that GAP still exists.

So if I can help them fill that Gap by letting them know about other programs, products or services that might help them, I feel it is my responsibility to do so.

And, yes, there is a financial gain for me, if someone I refer decides to enrol in one of those recommended programs.

Which Serves ME, too.

This means Everyone Wins!  My subscribers WIN by finding resources that can help them fill whatever Gaps they have…

The person whose program I’m recommending WINS by getting a new client they can serve deeply…

and I WIN because I am financially rewarded and know that I’m helping my community get the results they desire & deserve in their business.

So, with that said… here is my approach to email marketing and Joint Venture promotions.


The first thing to know is that I mail my list… a lot. They get something from me 2 – 4 times per week, from the moment they sign up for my report or webinar.

However… these are not all promos.

For the first two weeks, I am sharing content and ideas meant to indoctrinate them into my way of thinking. If they disagree, or don’t like the volume, they unsubscribe.

I also teach them to click links by giving free content in video or written form on an external site.

People are not added to my Promo List until about 2 weeks. By then, they’ve read my report, seen my webinar, heard my offer.

And if they don’t enrol in my program, they hear about my “Wealthy Servant” philosophies before receiving promos (for the most part).

Which leads me to…


When I promote ANYTHING external to my own programs/services, it has to be aligned with what I do and the reason they signed up for my stuff in the first place.

In the case of Callan’s program, “Magnetize Your Audience” it is directly aligned with:

a) my Core Philosophy of “Meaningful Marketing”; and
b) my targeting of coaches, authors and speakers/workshop leaders

I don’t promote anything that is not directly aligned with Who I Am and What I Stand For.


It certainly helped me that, having worked with Callan, and knowing the Magnetize program intimately, I could relate the program specifically to my audience.

In addition, I personalized almost all of the “swipe” copy sent to me, so as to show up somewhat uniquely in people’s inboxes (they were being inundated with partner emails for this promotion).

I ALWAYS do this, for every promotion. I generally don’t used canned emails, although in this case, I did use a few of Callan’s with some slight personalization since the copy was very good.

I did make sure to modify the subject line to stand out from all the other emails.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Until Next Time… Go Make a Difference!

AGREE, DISAGREE? Have Something to Add?
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    4 replies to "Top 3 Lessons From My First Big Launch Promo"

    • Jan

      Well Paul here’s the thing I don’t want to be indoctrinated early and often! As I said to you in an email that I sent because I was receiving about 12 emails a day for this launch. I want your content, not somebody else’s. I was going to unsubscribe but didn’t because you actually sent me a personal email to follow up. That was good.

      Now I am thinking that you sent this email to boost a little bit here and tell us about how well you did. And to inform us that you indoctrinate us. Not good.

      I have a question, “Have you worked with Callan at all? Have you purchased the product that was offered?” If you had shared that and made it a key component of why you were joint venturing with her in your marketing then maybe I would be ok with this. I could never promote something so high level without at least having a personal conversation with the person and looking at the big picture of how many others are promoting this. And yes I saw what you were offering a bonus. I wished you had just offered one of your course’s. I was in a place where I was ready to move forward with putting together a program, but with her course and all of yours it was to overwhelming I just deleted it.

      You asked!

      • Paul Keetch

        Hi Jan, thanks for posting your comment/questions. Yes, I do read all emails sent, and respond personally when appropriate.

        I’m curious if you actually read any of my emails about Callan… or even this entire blog post? I’ve shared consistently that I used to work with Callan and actually LED this event with her, from the stage. I mention it again in point #3 above…

        RE: Indoctrination: My goal with this approach (and indeed, with this blog post) is to ensure that ONLY people who agree with my philosophies… and who are ok with the volume of emails I send… stay on my list. My goal is not to build a BIG list necessarily, but one with people who engage with the content & promotions I share.

        Therefore, I stay as open as possible, sharing WHAT I do… and WHY I do it. The people who subscribe to me do so because they have a need. If my program doesn’t immediately solve that problem for them, I feel it’s my responsibility to share other programs that might.

        And, as mentioned in point #2 above… I only send aligned offers. I speak with everyone that I support to ensure that their program will serve my subscribers… and to ensure that the PERSON is going to take care of you, should you choose to sign up.

        If someone doesn’t like my ideas, or the volume/type of emails I send, it’s my full intention to have them unsubscribe as quickly as possible.

        Finally, yes, I asked, and I appreciate your comments. However, as I also mentioned in my email to you, I have no intention of changing my approach until my results suggest I should do so.


    • Carla McClellan

      Paul, as usual I agree with what you have shared here. It is very important to me to be able to trust you. You certainly have delivered with all the promises you have made to me and I am grateful for all your support

      • Paul Keetch

        Thanks Carla! It’s been my pleasure serving you so far and look forward to continuing! I got your email this morning and will respond shortly!


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