Creating a Customer ProfileThe key to building a successful marketing campaign is to really understand who your prospect is, what frustrates them and what they dream of for the future.

I would suggest developing a customer profile that clearly details the specifics about your most common customer.

Starting this process by taking out a blank sheet of paper and creating three columns:

  1. Attributes & Characteristic
  2. Fears & Frustrations
  3. Dreams for the Future

Start by listing all the actual characteristics you can think of about your prospective customer – gender, age, geographic location, income, etc. Then brainstorm what bothers them, what keeps them up at night, what bugs the heck out of them.

Finally, what do they want the future to look like? If they could wave a magic wand and create their perfect life, what would that look like?

Once that is complete, you can distill everything down into an actual profile sheet of your most common customer. I would suggest even including a picture, either of a real customer (you’ll only use this internally) or find one online that represents your typical customer.

Define everything, including giving them a name! That way, whenever you write a new marketing message, you can look at the profile, get really connected to your prospect and write something very personal that speaks directly to them.

You need to really get into the mind of your prospect to find out what conversation is ALREADY going on inside their head… then you want to position your solution in relation to that conversation.

Too many marketers try to dominate their prospect. To really stand out, become a co-conspirator with them, helping them get what they want.

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