Let's talk about doing marketing... 

Because, you know what?

Marketing and selling doesn't have to be some push-pull tug-o-war between you and an adversarial potential customer.

If it is... you're setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

My unconventional opinion about marketing

Getting people excited and convincing them to pay you is NOT the same as helping them deeply understand their experience, so they can meaningfully commit to new outcomes.

And then offering to help.

Getting them excited gets you the money you want.

Getting them committed gets them the results they need.

What if every marketing interaction you have with your potential clients included:

  • 💥 You being genuinely excited to share what you're up to, with someone who could directly benefit...
  • 💥 Them having some insight, realization or "aha moment" that helps them better understand the problem they're facing (and what they can do about it)...
  • 💥 A powerful invitation to explore what next steps could look like, for those who are committed and ready to step into action

If that's the kind of marketing & sales conversation you're interested in having, we're going to get along just fine.

Hi, I'm Paul.

I've been helping coaches, authors, speakers, workshop leaders and online course creators use Education Based Marketing to grow their businesses since 2001.

I got my start at The Learning Annex of Canada where we hosted people like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Sonia Choquette on tour across Canada.

After 3 years learning the ropes about email marketing to sell live events, I picked up and moved across the country to Vancouver (where I still live) to become Marketing Manager for T. Harv Eker's flagship program The Millionaire Mind Intensive.

From there, I struck out on my own as a coach, copywriter and hired gun for people like:

  • * Christine Comaford
  • * Libby Gill
  • * Callan Rush and Justin Livingston
  • * Marisa Murgatroyd

Now I focus mainly on helping coaches and course creators build and nurture successful, highly profitable email lists, so they can sell more of their products, programs and services.

Ready to make it happen?

If you're committed to making email marketing a significant part of the way you nurture and interact with your audience...

...and why wouldn't you, when it's the only digital asset you actually own (Zuck, Elon, etc can change the algorithm — or block, ban or suppress your posts  and you could lose your social media audience in a moment's notice)...

...then here's what I suggest:

I look forward to helping you.

Paul Keetch

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I am not about "push" marketing or having a monologue.  So let's connect and converse.  If you read something you think is good ... or bad ... hit reply and let me know.

I offer to help you solve specific problems

Along the way, I'm going to offer to help you solve some of the problems that may be driving you crazy.  Things like email marketing, offer design, and how to use education based marketing to meaningfully inspire more people to ask for your help. 


Step 1 of 2

Enter your details below to get the Say Goodbye to Selling PDF.