Although it’s a dream for many to own their own business, it can also be stressful and draining on your health. When this happens, not only will you not feel well, but you are less likely to enjoy the benefits of being your own boss and may even start to resent it.

One more reason to take care of your health? When you are better nourished, you will have more energy to give to your business and help it thrive. Think about it, better you feel, the more creative energy you can give to your business.

On that note, here are three things you can do to nourish yourself and thus nourish your business.

Know when it’s time to shut down

A good nights sleep can do wonders for your business. Commit to shutting down your computer, phone, tablet, etc. by 9pm (what? we know it’s not easy, but give this one a try). Studies show that too much artificial light can lower the production of our sleep inducing hormone melatonin. A better rested body and mind is a fresh, creative, energy filled mind.

Fuel your body for maximum productivity

A day packed with clean unprocessed foods (such as foods high in protein, fiber, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables) acts as high octane fuel for your body.

  • Beware of using sugar as fuel. Candy and sweets may offer a quick pick-me-up but just sets you up for a blood sugar crash later . . . and the need for more sugar (or caffeine) to get you out of the slump.
  • Think about how you start your day. Are you typically munching on a donut or downing a bowl of sugary cereal as you scroll through your morning emails posts? Or maybe you’re the “just coffee, skip the food” type. Honestly, a well-rounded breakfast will give you lasting energy and the proper nutrients to fuel your cells (including those neurons). Think healthy smoothies, a veggie omelet or oats with nuts and shredded coconut. Upgrade your breakfasts for one week and see how your productivity soars. For more ideas, check out the recipes on our site (
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand so that when you are hungry and looking for a snack, you can forgo the chips or leftover Halloween candy and have something nourishing readily available. Think cut-up veggies and hummus, a piece of fruit and handful of nuts or celery sticks topped with almond butter.

Notice how intertwined your work habits are with your eating habits

  • Check in with yourself before eating. Many work-from-homers find themselves wandering into the kitchen, mistaking hunger for the need to just take a break. Instead of walking into the kitchen, do some stretching, jumping jacks, a few yoga poses, or take a quick brisk walk. Notice how much better you feel after getting your blood flowing and see if you are still hungry.
  • On the other hand don’t forget to eat! We know how easy it is to get caught up in work oriented tasks. Before you know it, the day has gone by and you haven’t nourished yourself. If you are guilty of skipping meals, be sure to incorporate eating on your to-do list or put reminders on your calendar.
  • Keep mealtimes separate from work. Take small breaks for meals and snacks. Instead of multitasking while eating, focus on just eating – that means prioritizing chewing and actually tasting the food. Picture the food nourishing you so that when you go back to work you can be super productive!

So, ready to get to work? Its time to start nourishing your body as much as you nourish your business. Not only will you reap the benefits of a healthier you, but your clients (and your bottom line) will as well.

SONY DSCStephanie Goodman, CNC and Jane Schwartz RD are the founders of The Nourishing Gurus, specializing in enhancing energy, conquering cravings and managing weight.

They help their clients identify how their bodies react to foods and guide them to make lasting changes so they can feel the way they are meant to feel – fabulous. Stephanie and Jane emphasize delicious, healing and nutritious whole foods rather than weighing food or calorie counting.

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