Mind Shifting 101

An Education-Based Marketing Primer for Coaches, Course Creators and Other Freelance Professionals

LIVE Training on January 29, 2024 starting at 11am PT (approx 2-3 hours duration)
Recording access will be sent after the training is over (for if you want to watch again or cannot attend live)
There are no refunds (so please, for all that is good in the world, don't buy if you're not sure it's for you)

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Strategy Call with Paul

During the workshop you'll learn how to use Education Based Marketing in your email and social media marketing (along with webinars, sales pages, etc).

Grab this special add-on (limited to the first 5 people) to be used after the workshop is over (or after you've watched the recording) and we'll spend an hour together going over your plan.

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