If selling feels manipulative or pushy it's time to... Say Goodbye To Selling

How to Market Your Coaching, Consulting or Professional Services Business in a Way That is Ethical AND Effective... While Making “Selling” Unnecessary!

"The 5 Agreements totally changed the way I look at how I interact with my potential clients - I highly recommend you read this book!"

Mary Jackson

Bel Air, LA

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Inside "Say Goodbye To Selling" you'll discover

The 5 "Pre-Selling Agreements"

that MUST be in place before you ever ask someone to invest in your products, programs or services.

Why a Conversational before Transactional

approach to marketing and selling your services will ensure that you only work with clients who are actually committed to solving the problem you can help them with.

A Complete Marketing Framework

that you can use anytime you need to create a new piece of marketing for your business, whether a brochure, an email, a social media post or literally anything else.

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