The #1 thing holding back coaches, consultants and other knowledge experts is holding off on releasing new programs, products and marketing campaigns until they are “perfect.”

If this is you, I want to share a philosophy I first learned from T. Harv Eker and again later from Christine Comaford:


Both Harv and Christine are typical entrepreneurs in the sense that they have a LOT of ideas and energy to match.  There are always multiple projects on the go at any one time.

But both of them realize that getting a project, product or new marketing campaign to 80 or 90% perfection and then launching it is better than trying to get it absolutely perfect.

This is true for a few reasons:

  1. 80% progress is much faster than 100% perfection.  Very good is fast, perfection is slow. In addition, the difference between very good and perfect is indiscernible to most people – they can’t tell the difference.  Only the true experts know what’s missing… and your product or service isn’t meant for them!
  2. Results matter more than anything else.  Putting something out there takes courage and risk… and it’s the only way to get results.  You can’t sell something without offering it for sale.  And it’s possible that your market doesn’t want it.  So instead of spending all your time making it perfect, get it out there and then refine it as you go.
  3. Perfect is rarely perfect. We all get lost in the fog of “knowing what we know” and it almost always happens that when you put something out that is finally perfect… someone comes along and points out an imperfection!  The feedback you get from putting it out there is called market research and it’s part of the process.  Take the feedback and make improvements.
  4. Your competitors are making money.  While you strive for perfection, your competition is rolling out new products that are helping the people who could be your customers and clients.  They need help now, so give it to them.


Your market is at least one or two steps behind where you are in terms of the knowledge and expertise you possess.  Because of this, they don’t need perfection – they need a great product or service that will help them get to the next level of their evolution.

By withholding it because of your own vanity (and yes, perfection IS vanity), you are actually doing them a disservice.

So make 2012 the year of Progress, Not Perfection.

Launch that new group coaching program, e-product or live event.  Write that book, record a series of marketing videos or launch that new marketing campaign.

Get things as good as you can reasonably get them and then launch.  Get feedback and make edits, enhancements or improvements as you need to.


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