interruptOne of the most common mistakes I see coaches & workshop leaders make with their marketing is…

…they focus on themselves, and their product, program or service, first.

Yes, there is a time when you need to turn the conversation to your program.

But when you LEAD with what you do, you are interrupting the conversation that is already going on inside the mind of your potential client.

Trying to “force” your way in is one of the surest ways to annoy people and turn them OFF of wanting to work with you.

So, what should you do instead?

Join The Conversation They Are ALREADY Having With Themselves!

Inside the mind of every potential client, they are already having a conversation with themselves about the problem you can help them solve.

Unfortunately, YOU are not yet part of that conversation.

What they are thinking about are the problems they have, the fears, frustrations and unfulfilled desires that plague them every single day.

They are thinking about the SYMPTOMS they’re experiencing.

If they are struggling with their relationship, they’re thinking things like…

“I’m sick and tired of fighting all the time.”

“We never have sex any more.”

“Maybe I should leave…”

Or if they are struggling with their business, they might be thinking…

“I’m working way too hard, for way too little.”

“If I can’t figure out how to get more clients, I’m going to have to go back and get a job.”

They’re focus is on them, and their experience and impact of the problems they face.

In many cases, they don’t know what the solutions are, or they would already have gone out and gotten the problem solved.  Which is why you need to join the conversation they are having RIGHT NOW, about themselves…

…instead of trying to FORCE a conversation that you think they should be having, by interrupting them with a focus that is all about you.

This takes some thinking, and some research, to truly understand what your audience is thinking.  And it makes it that much more important to select a “niche” or specific group of people you are going to speak to.

Each group of people you COULD serve, has a different way of thinking about their problems.

Men think differently about relationships than women, so using the same language to try and speak to them will backfire.

Women in their 20s think differently about their careers than Women Over 50 do.

When you understand your audience and intimately know the conversation they are having with themselves, you can join that conversation, allow them to relate to you (and know that you relate to them)… and THEN gently steer the conversation towards the specific way you can help them alleviate their pain.

Until Next Time… Go Make a Difference

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    • Martin

      Great post Paul…so very true.

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