You already know that goal setting is important for your business… without clear goals, your work will be unfocused.

You’ll waste time on urgent and unimportant things, while neglecting the activities that will move your business forward.

There are many approaches to goal setting – short, medium and long-term; big vision goals and small activity goals; personal goals, health goals, business goals.

Today I want to share a type of goal setting I call “target based” goals.

It’s a concept I first learned from Christine Comaford (she calls them “needle movers”) and it will help you get and keep momentum.


The beauty of this approach is that a target has varying levels of accuracy, whereas a goal has only one – either you hit it or your miss it.

A target has multiple “rings” and various levels of success at actually hitting hit.

You can hit the bulls eye and you will definitely have hit the target.

At the same time, you can hit one of the outer rings and still be able to consider it a success, because you actually hit the target.

Do you see what I mean?

So when setting targets for the various areas of your business, try to create 3 distinct levels of achievement.

First, there’s the target you’re aiming for.

Let’s say you’re trying to build your email subscriber list and your goal is 3500 names. That’s your “general target” and you should have a celebration planned for when you achieve it.

But to ensure that you’re leveraging the ENTIRE target area, you can also have two other numbers to keep in mind as well.

First is the “outer target”. This is a lower level of success than your “general target”… but it’s something that I will still be relatively pleased with if you hit that number.

You might have an outer target goal of 2500 for your list building efforts.  It’s not where you wanted to get, but growing to 2500 is still a decent achievement.  It also comes with a lesser celebration (but celebrating is STILL part of the process).


Finally, there’s the “bulls eye target”. This is the number that, if you hit it, will make you absolutely ecstatic. If you hit this number, your celebration is going to be twice as loud, twice as much fun and, more than likely, twice as expensive!

The bulls eye for your list building efforts might be getting to 5000 subscribers.


Now, I mentioned that if YOU hit the bulls eye, your celebration is going to be extra loud and extra fun. That’s an important point because if you hit ANY of my targets, you should be celebrating.

That’s the big benefit about using this 3-tiered approach to setting targets. It allows you to be and feel successful even if you fall slightly short of your general target.

And it keeps you motivated to work even harder if you hit your general target a little ahead of schedule – because you’ll want that big celebration it will keep you motivated to try even harder to hit the bulls eye.

Another reason this really works is because if you’re like me you might tend to set pretty lofty goals for yourself.

Having an “outer target” allows you to set big goals and really push yourself… while still giving you something to celebrate if it turns out that you were a little too bold.

You’ve probably heard the expression: shoot for the stars and you’ll at least hit the moon.

This is exactly the same thing, but I’ve thrown a trip to Mars in the middle! 😉


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