Is email the most highly valued asset online?  According to, the answer is a resounding YES!  I’d have to agree.

Everyone, from Facebook & Twitter, to the person trying to “sell” you that free video training series, wants your email address because they know it is a direct line to getting your attention. 

And attention is the true indicator of market dominance.

It goes without saying that you have to have something worthy of paying attention to; that you have to fill a need in a market where folks are willing to pay (with their attention AND their wallet) for the solutions you offer; and that you’re genuinely interested in improving the welfare of your customers.

But to get the outcome you’re looking for, to KEEP their attention and have them take the actions you want them to take, you have to plan your email marketing knowing that there are 4 eventual “sales” that need to happen, before you ever make a bank deposit.

The 1st Sale of Email – Get Delivered

If your email never reaches their inbox, it goes without saying that you’ve lost the attention of your reader… and it’s physically impossible for them to take the action you’re asking for.

Eliminating “spammy” words from your subject lines is the first step.  Ensuring that your email service provider has a good reputation and that you’re CAN-SPAM compliant will go a long way to improving your delivery rate.

The 2nd Sale of Email – Incite Desire

Once you’ve reached the inbox, you’ve got to persuade your reader that they should pick YOUR email over the dozens (or hundreds) of competing messages.  This is done with an effective subject line.

Think of it just like the headline of an ad or sales letter and give your reader a good reason to open your message and keep reading.

The 3rd Sale of Email – Get Read

The tone you use has to be unique to your industry and personality and the content must deliver immediately on the promise you made (direct or implied), question posed or curiosity aroused in your subject line.

If it doesn’t, or if your copy is dry and boring, you can expect your reader to hit delete faster than you can say “”

The 4th Sale of Email – Inspire Action

What do you want your reader to DO after they’ve finished?  Are they going to click out for MORE reading… to watch a video… or something else?  Get clear before you start writing, exactly what action you want them to take.

Very seldom (although it happens occasionally) do you actually want to “sell” in your email copy.  Instead, think of it as “pre-selling” your reader so that the video, website or landing page you send them to makes the final sale.


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