Or, How to Get Found By The People Who Are Already Looking For You!

If you do business online (even if you have a web presence but primarily sell physical products or in-person services) then you need to understand the basics of how to market yourself online.

The foundational premise of the internet, the very reason it exists, is to give people access to information.

Google knows this and has made it their mission to help users find the information they want.

Whether that information comes in the form of written words, videos, audios or pictures, they have created a powerful set of algorithms to help you find what you’re looking for.

Hopefully the first time.

So if the foundational premise of the internet is to give people access to information, it follows that the core asset for marketing your company online, is content.

Think about that for a second.

If people go online to search for information and you hope to capture their attention and persuade them to do business with you, then you need to become a provider of the information they are looking for.

Now, creating content may or may not be your strength.  You might not know how to write a compelling article because your skills lie elsewhere.

Or you may not have the time to create content, even if it’s something you could do.

Finally, you may simply despise it and would rather do anything else other than sit down at your computer and write articles, script and record videos and then publish that content on the internet.

But if you want to be found and listened to by your prospective buying audience, creating and publishing content online is not an option. It is a requirement.

Creating Content Is Not An Option

So, if you fall into one of the three categories above and either can’t or don’t want to create your own content (for any reason whatsoever) then you need to have someone do it for you.

As a freelance SEO and copy writer, I’ve been in the business of producing quality content for my clients long before I wrote and published my marketing book for small business owners earlier this year.

Writing is one of the things I love to do… and it’s one of the things I do particularly well.

Because of the launch of Make My Marketing Work: How to Win Customers & Make More Money in August, and the subsequent coaching groups, interviews and speaking engagement requests, I haven’t been spending nearly as much time marketing and promoting my freelance writing business as I normally do…

…and that’s resulted in me having a few openings for new clients that I hadn’t expected.

My Loss is Your Gain

Here’s the thing… I like to keep busy. And since I know that you may be one of those people who realizes that content is necessary, but for whatever reason you haven’t created enough, I’d like to make you a very special offer.

Now bear in mind that normally I like to work on large projects that are directly related to the conversion and retention of new clients.  Things like sales letters, opt-in forms and autoresponder email series that keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

But I realize that not everyone is ready to invest $1000s on high-quality, high-converting sales copy when they don’t yet have the traffic coming in to their website that would make that kind of an investment worthwhile.

So here’s what I’ve put together to help you start attracting that traffic more effectively.

Option #1: A la Carte Article Writing & Publishing

I will conduct keyword research and competition analysis to determine how people are already searching for your business and then I’ll write two focused articles about 500 – 700 words each and have them published on your behalf at 25 different online directories.

That means you’ll have my take on the most important keywords to focus on, plus two original, content-rich SEO articles published 25 times each.

That’s 50 quality links pointing back to your website plus a keyword report & analysis for only $300.

Option #2: Monthly Article Writing & Publishing

In this package you’ll get everything you get in the a la carte package… each and every month… for $250 per month.

AND… there’s no minimum commitment.  You’ll be able to cancel any time, with a simple click of your mouse. You won’t even need to call me if you don’t want to.

If you’re doing the math in your head, you’ll already realize that you get the exact same service as you get in the first option.

The only difference is that, unless you cancel, you’ll be billed $250 every month. And every month you’ll get another 2 original, high-quality articles written and distributed by me to 25 directories each.

In 3 months you’ll have 150 quality inbound links to your website…  in 6 months you’ll have 300 and so on for as long as you retain my services.

Here’s the catch.  Because I do still have some active clients…

I Can Only Take 7 New Clients This Year.

So, if you want to be one of them, here’s what to do.

To select the “Retainer Package” for $250 per month (you can cancel anytime) subscribe below:

Or, if you’d prefer to pay for one month and see how it goes, you can do that for $300:

Either way, I look forward to hearing from you so we can get started creating quality content so that your business can be found more easily by the customers who are already looking for the products or services you sell.

Paul Keetch

P.S. Oh, by the way… with either package, I’m also going to send you the original article in MS Word format to do with as you please.

You can repurpose this content by posting it to your blog or website, chopping it up and using the content as tweets and Facebook updates or even recording yourself reading the article and post the video to YouTube or the audio to iTunes as a podcast.

How you use and leverage your content is completely up to you!

Get started today:

(recurs every 30 days, cancel anytime)

$300 a la carte (no recurring)